Top 5 Scholarship Resources for Moms in College

  1. Focus on local scholarship resources for moms.

Did you know that there are local businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations that support moms like you by providing college scholarships? Absolutely! For example, the National Council of Jewish Women (Los Angeles) provides up to $2,000 in college scholarships for moms in the Los Angeles area. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, check for scholarships in your community.

2. Focus on businesses supporting single mothers.

There are organizations like Custody X Change, which helps single parents to create parenting schedules, support single parents in college with $1,000 scholarships. This is a great scholarship resource because this organization provides tips below the scholarship requirements to help you to increase your chance of winning the scholarship.

3. Focus on nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting mothers.

Many nonprofit organizations host fundraisers to support education initiatives to help students lower the costs of college including moms. The Asherah Foundation is focused on supporting single mothers going to college without going into tons of debt.

4. Focus on international nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting mothers.

Did you know that you are not limited to scholarships only provided by US organizations? Not at all! Take advantage of scholarship opportunities such as the Live Your Dream Awards.

5. Focus on graduate and professional scholarships for moms.

If you have decided to pursue a graduate or professional degree, don’t forget about scholarships available to you. For example, the Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting provides graduate scholarships for moms pursuing advanced degrees in accounting.

In conclusion, you have options when it comes to finding scholarships to help you avoid taking on student loan debt. Start with the first tip in this blog post and set a goal every week. As you accomplish your weekly goal, feel free to move down the list and apply for the right scholarships.

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