The Truth About Finding Scholarships with a Busy Schedule: Graduate Edition

No time to search for scholarships with a busy schedule? No problem! Keep reading to get several simple strategies to find the right graduate scholarships for you in less time.

Are you frustrated with trying to find the time to find the right scholarships for you?

If you can answer “yes”, you are not alone. There are students just like you across the country who want to find scholarships, but lack the time to actually find them. But, there’s a larger issue that is costing you tons of money.

What’s the larger issue? If you aren’t actively searching and applying for scholarships, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table!

While you aren’t actively searching for scholarships, someone else is coming right in and winning the scholarship money that belongs to you. And, if you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table, you will have to figure out how to pay for your college degree including taking on tons of student loan debt.

The good news is that there is a better way. Find time within your busy schedule to search and apply for the right scholarships for you.

What does “finding time” actually look like in your everyday life?

The key thing to remember is that one of the secret to finding the right scholarships is about quality over quantity. What does this mean? It is not about how much time that you devote to searching for scholarships, but it’s about what you are doing with the time available from your busy schedule to search for scholarships.

Here’s a practical example:

  1. Review your schedule for the upcoming week.
  2. Select one 10 – 15 minute block from your schedule. It can be at any point in your week (lunch break, before you go to bed, while watching tv, etc.).
  3. Schedule at least one 10 – 15 minute block.
  4. Choose one place (virtual or in-person) that you will focus on to find scholarships.

Start with one 10 – 15 minute block per week and increase the number of blocks as needed.

This example is just one way to fit scholarship searching into your busy schedule. If you want to learn other strategies to find more scholarships in less time plus the templates that scholarship expert, Ashley Hill, used to find the right scholarships right away, then keep reading.

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