Five Ways to Get Your Thermal Engineering Degree for Free

Happy National Thermal Engineer Day! How can future thermal engineers graduate from college for free?

If you are applying to attend graduate school to get your degree in thermal engineering, we have great news for you. Yes, it is possible for you to get your graduate degree for free.

How is this possible?

Thermal engineers are in high demand and organizations as well as employers are paying future thermal engineers to obtain their degrees!

How can you get a piece of the thermal engineering scholarship pie?

  1. Contact your local thermal engineering industry group in your local community. What local thermal engineering industry groups exist in your area? Who serves on the board of these organizations? The answers to these questions will lead you to local thermal engineering scholarships. Why? Many industry groups provide scholarships or scholarship resources to support future thermal engineers to contribute to the continued growth of the industry.

2. Contact your department dean regarding thermal engineering scholarship resources. Many engineering programs will share scholarship/grants resources on its website. You should be researching this information before making a final selection. Why? One particular university may provide a scholarship to cover all of your expenses. If you aren’t flexible with your college choice, you could miss out on these types of opportunities.

3. Contact your human resources manager for tuition reimbursement or scholarship opportunities. Employers want to attract and keep their best employees. So, if you are already working in the engineering field, this is a great opportunity to contact your human resources manager to ask for scholarships, grants, and any other types of aid to help you avoid student loan debt.

4. Attend virtual thermal engineering conferences to connect with thermal engineers in your regional area and ask about thermal engineering scholarship resources. After you have connected with the local thermal engineers, you should expand your scholarship research to thermal engineers beyond your city. Ask them about the colleges that they attended and any scholarships/grants that they used to pay for their degrees.

5. Contact national engineering organizations or your college/university regarding thermal engineering fellowships. While fellowships are usually designated for doctoral engineering students, you may be eligible for fellowships for graduate engineering students.

The best way to get started is to choose one step and take action!

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