Creating Winning Scholarship Essays


The single most important thing that you can do to increase your chances of winning the right scholarships is to create winning scholarship essays.


Scholarship judges use your scholarship essays to learn about you beyond your test scores, GPA, and college major. Use your scholarship essays to highlight your brand.

What is a winning scholarship essay?

A winning scholarship is a clear story showing how you align (through your skills and experiences) with the mission and purpose of the organization providing the scholarship.

 How do you know if you align with the mission and purpose of the scholarship provider?

Visit the organization’s website and read the About Us, History, or Mission sections. The organization will tell you exactly what to focus on in your scholarship essay.

Next, I want you to review your scholarship search resume and find 1-3 items to focus on from your experiences.

Make sure to include this in your story!

Practice makes perfect when it comes to your scholarship essays. Click here to ask your questions and get support from our community.

Action Step: Complete Page 4 of your Scholarship Success School workbook.