Creating Winning Scholarship Applications


The next step in your journey to applying and winning your scholarships is to focus on creating winning scholarship applications.

Winning scholarship applications include all of the requirements such as transcripts and letters of recommendation.

There will be times when you don’t have several weeks to complete a scholarship application. So, you need to create a folder with all of these frequently requested items so that you can submit scholarship applications without delay.

The important thing to remember about creating a winning scholarship application is to make sure that your scholarship applications align with the mission and purpose of the organization. Refer back to Step 4 in your Scholarship Roadmap.

Letters of Recommendation

Make sure to select 3-5 people that are familiar with your experiences, hobbies, and talents to write letters of recommendation for you.

Don’t wait until you need someone to write a letter of recommendation for you, start now!

Action Step: Complete Page 5 of your Scholarship Success School  workbook.