Module 4: Design Your Brand Story


Welcome to Module 4!

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This module focuses on polishing your brand story to make sure that your scholarship application stands out among the rest of the applications.

How do you polish your brand story?

For each of the examples that you will include to support your brand story, make sure to share your unique perspective. For example, if you share an experience of volunteering with a local shelter, you should include a unique perspective such as serving the homeless community helped you to connect more deeply with your family because you realized that being homeless shouldn’t be the sole definition for anyone.

Connect with the scholarship organization

This is a very critical step because scholarship judges want to see the connection between you and the organization. In essence, are you the type of student that the organization wishes to support with scholarship funds? Your goal should be to answer this question beyond any doubt within your brand story. Visit the organization’s history page on its website to learn about its mission and purpose. Make sure to tie into the mission and purpose within your brand story.

Next Steps

Continue working on your brand stories (scholarship essays) and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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