Module 2: Define Your Brand Story


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Welcome to Module 2!

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Now that you know that the scholarship judges want to read about some aspect of your brand story, let’s jump into defining your brand story.

Here’s a quick reminder that your brand story is a combination of your passions, motivations, hobbies, interests, skills, achievements, etc.

The good news is that you have all of this information in one place – your College Funding Accelerator questionnaire.

Step 1: Get your College Funding Accelerator questionnaire.

Step 2: Let’s start to organize your responses to the questionnaire to help you to put your brand stories together easily.

Start by reviewing your questionnaire for any experiences related to community service.

Step 3: Answer the following questions as it relates to your community service. Complete these questions for each community service project.

  1. What specific act
  2. What did I learn from these experiences?
  3. How have these experiences impacted my life now?
  4. How have these experiences impacted me as I prepare for my future career?
  5. What are specific conversations or things that I observed from my community service projects that had a positive or negative impact on me? Why?

Step 4: Make sure to document name of each community service project, name of organization, contact person and title, dates, and specific tasks completed during the community service project.

Module 2 Tasks:

Finish analyzing the remainder of your responses to your College Funding Accelerator questionnaire and make notes of how your experiences can support different parts of your personal and (future) professional brand.


Coming Up Next

In Module 3, you are going to complete your first rough drafts with step by step outlines for the top 10 most common scholarship essay prompts.

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